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Long Beach Island's only year round gym, open 7 days a week.
Proudly serving the community for over 24 years.

HOURS OF Operation


9AM - 12PM


8:00AM - 1PM


8:00AM - 1PM


8:00AM - 1PM


8:00AM - 1PM
4:00PM -7PM


8:00AM - 1PM


8AM - 1PM

About Us

Elite Fitness is a small-scale facility that packs a big punch! With three fitness sections opened in season, there is a spot for everyone to enjoy a great work out. Featuring our Palm Patio where you can enjoy the outdoors lifting weights, boxing, and group fitness classes. The Bamboo Spin Room is another great outdoor option for those looking to spin to their hearts content. Upstairs is the main gym floor opened year round that hosts cardio machines, weight lifting equipment, and a stretching station.

**Please note, during the summer, Elite Fitness does get very busy and space is limited**

New to our facility is The Endless Summer tanning room. LBI's only tanning bed! Keep that summer glow year round!


Claudette A.

I recommend Elite Fitness very highly. Clean and well laid out. Great spin classes- inside during the winter and outdoors when the weather warms up. The owner listens to the members and their suggestions.

Rob G.

Solid gym for the fitness focused. Friendy staff, clean and well equipped for your LBI / Shore getaway.


Nick F.

My family and I have been working out at Elite Fitness every summer for the past 5 years and have loved every second of it. Plenty of weights and machines to get a great workout. Highly recommend if you’re in need of a clean gym with friendly and welcoming staff

12904 Long Beach Blvd
Beach Haven Terrace
New Jersey 08008

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