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The Endless Summer

The ONLY tanning bed on LBI!

It's an endless summer at Elite Fitness! Introducing our new in-house tanning salon! A fast & convenient way to maintain that summer tan during the dark winter months!

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Bed 1.jpg

No membership required, walk-ins welcome.



One session - $15

Five sessions - $12.50 each

Ten sessions - $10 each


One session - $20

Five sessions - $17.50 each

Ten sessions - $15 each

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How long should I tan for?

All tanning sessions are 15 mins

Do I prep my skin before tanning?

There's no need to prep beforehand, however your results may be enhanced using tanning oils or lotion.

How should I care for my skin after?

Moisturize your skin (not provided), and stay hydrated afterwards

What should I bring, or wear?

The room is private, you may wear whatever you want inside. Tanning goggles are required, you may bring your own or purchase a set for $10. Towels and disinfectant spray are provided.

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